As a job seeker, you might not consider signing up with IT staffing agencies immediately. The very thought of a staffing agency brings a lot of myths to mind. In worst cases, by the time job seekers decide to sign up, they would have wasted a lot of time and stayed unemployed.

Myths are associated with everything. But that does not mean we don’t give it a try. If you are a fresh graduate out of the school, you may be unsure about the type of jobs available in the IT sector. Job seekers want specific roles instead of just another job. They want to engage in something that is interesting, and an IT staffing agency may give you the right opportunity.

Facts about IT Staffing Agencies

IT staffing agencies are always prepared to place IT experts with the best-suited job that suits their skill set. With a staffing agency, you can find the following positions:

  • Temporary jobs
  • Temporary to hire jobs
  • Full-time jobs

The American Staffing Association shows that more than 90 percent of businesses in the United Stated use staffing agencies. In addition, 40 percent of job seekers trying to reenter the workforce or find a secured job for the first time prefer an IT staffing agency.

The volatile IT job market makes it difficult to find a suitable position. Hence, this heavy dependence of agencies. However, there are myths involving IT staffing, which should be cleared up before you take a leap:

Myth#1: Staffing Agencies Provide Temporary Jobs, Not Real Jobs


Any job coming through a staffing agency is a real job. You may want to start out by taking up a temporary position, and within a few weeks when the same company opens a full-time position, you could be the first consideration.

Myth#2: IT Staffing Jobs Provide Low Wage Only


Job seekers can find positions according to their qualification and experience. Wages are also determined by these factors.

Myth#3: IT Staffing Companies Work with Entry-Level Fresher Only


While this may have been true a decade ago, today the scene is different. IT staffing companies cater to job seekers of multiple levels and provide various employment options.

Myth#4: IT Staffing Agencies Offer Temporary Jobs with No Benefits


It mainly depends on the staffing agency. Some companies offer several benefits, whereas others may offer less. Benefits include medical, dental, 401K, employee referral bonus, holiday plans, and more.

Myth#5: There are Inadequate IT Jobs

This is a common concern, but not true in every situation.

Many people believe that most of the IT jobs are outsourced overseas. Hence, there are ample domestic IT positions still available in America for different positions. For instance, experts in Web2.0 are highly in demand.

Myth#6: Jobs Last for a Week or so


Some IT positions are available on an assignment or project basis. The tenure of the job depends on the assignment, which could last for one day to one week, or one month, or even longer. Some positions may be filled permanently too.

Myth#7: Staffing Firms Cannot Help Find Jobs due to Economic Challenges


While it may take little more time to get a suitable job, companies are still hunting for qualified, dedicated, and experienced talents to join an organization.

Myth#8: You can only get a Job through Large Companies Directly


A staffing agency can be an excellent source of help to enter into large companies. However, don’t write off the smaller companies. Some of the smaller companies provide well-paying jobs to candidates and give them a chance to expand skills through various other roles.

Myth#9: Not Getting a Suitable Position Could End a Career


The best part of working with a staffing agency is that they take great care of candidates in the interview process and provide compatible opportunities for employment. If a position does not feel right, the staffing agency can make immediate changes.

Myth#10: Once hired, it may take long to Get Paid


Irrespective of the hiring company’s payroll schedule, employees sourced through a staffing agency can also receive a weekly paycheck while they are working with the company.

Using IT staffing agencies have host of benefits such as:

  • Saves your time and money
  • Matches job openings with qualified professionals who want to engage in the role and be a part of the permanent workforce
  • Reduces hiring time without compromising with quality
  • Supports HR development

Don’t hesitate to sign up with a leading staffing agency. Rest assured to get the best matching job for your profile and qualification.